About Kelley Law

Kelley Law is a firm that focuses on Legacy; may that legacy belong to you personally, or your professional business. Our areas of practice can be described as Estate Planning, Trust Administration, Trust Funding, Probate, Corporation Formation and Corporate Maintenance—but within those topics are more specific services that we provide with a unique and personalized approach that centers on client education and satisfaction.


Over the last two years, founding attorney Sean R. Kelley has invested considerable time and energy creating a Law Practice that differentiates itself from most in the market. This began with the understanding that lawyer-client communication is considerably lacking in todays legal experience. It was with this notion that he began looking for ways to open the lines of communication, and to make the clients experience both informative and satisfying.


The first necessary step to promote an open and honest conversation between lawyers and clients was to remove the roadblock of the per-hour method of billing. When clients do not call their attorney for fear of being charged an exorbitant hourly rate, the work suffers immensely. There is nothing more important than a client feeling comfortable enough to pick up the phone and contact their attorney with a question, concern or issue with the work being completed.


As a remedy to this problem, Kelley Law adopts a flat fee rate for the majority of the work being done. This method of billing gives clients a realistic understanding of the cost of their legal services before work even begins. It is Sean's hope that this honest and transparent approach will give clients the confidence and the ability to call, email or otherwise contact Kelley Law if they need to, without the fear of being billed.


The second important step to promote lawyer-client communication is the sometimes not-so-simple process of answering the phone. While this seems like a small feat, it is no secret that lawyers rarely answer calls or return calls in a reasonable period of time.


The remedy for this is both difficult and time-consuming, however it is also vital to promoting lawyer-client communication. Kelley Law makes it a point to answer calls and emails that come in as often as is humanly possible.


The third and final step Kelley Law takes to promote lawyer-client communication is Education. It is not enough for a client to receive a quality and personalized legal service; they also need to understand the various aspects of the work being completed on their behalf. Therefore before work begins, Sean will sit down with each client to discuss the work that needs to be completed from both a legal and a practical perspective. Again, the work being done needs to be more than just exemplary and sound, it also needs to reflect client opinions, wishes and practical lifestyle. In order to facilitate this, Kelley Law believes that educating our clients is paramount.


The remedy for general client confusion is to use language that clients can understand, and to reduce complex ideas into straight-forward and practical examples which give clients confidence in the documents they inevitably sign.


In sum, Kelley Law prides itself on being different. In an age of Internet connectivity and websites promoting low-cost Estate Planning, Formation and other necessary services, there is no substitute for human connection, personalized service, and an opportunity for you not only to understand the work being completed, but also enjoy the peace of mind that it is correct and legally sound.